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5 Secrets To A Perfect Relationship….

Women’s Age Geography…….

Between the ages of 15 – 20 a woman is like Africa.   She is half discovered, half wild.

 Between the ages of 20 – 30 a woman is like America. Fully discovered and scientifically perfect.

Between the ages of 30 – 35, she is like India & Japan. Very hot, wise and beautiful

Between the ages of 35 – 40 a woman is like France. She is half destroyed after the war but still desirable.

Between the ages of 40 – 50 she is like Germany. She lost the war but not the hope.

Between the ages of 50 – 60 she is like Russia. Very wide, very quiet but nobody goes there

Between the ages of 60 – 70 a woman is like England. With a glorious past but no future.

After 70, they become Siberia. “Everyone knows where is it, but no one want to go there.”



* She’s sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee. 

* Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box. 

* Her daughter is on the cover of Business Week. 

* Her boyfriend is on the cover of Playgirl. 

* And her husband is on the back of the milk carton

Who Enjoys Sex More?

A man and a woman were having drinks, getting to know one another and started bantering back and forth about male – female issues.

They talked about who was better in certain sports, who were the better entertainers, etc.

The flirting continued for more than an hour when the topic of sex came up.

So they got into an argument about who enjoyed sex more.

The man said, “Men obviously enjoy sex more than women.

Why do you think we are so obsessed with getting laid?” .

He then went on for several hours arguing his point, even going so far as to ask other men in the bar for their opinions.

The woman listened quietly until the man was finished making his point. Confident in the strength of his argument, the man awaited her response.

“That doesn’t prove anything,” the woman countered. “Think about this:

When your ear itches and you put your finger in it and wiggle it around, then pull it out, which feels better – your ear or your finger?

There are Six types of ORGASM of a WOMAN:

Six types of ORGASM of a WOMAN: 

1.  The Optimist: Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes……………. 

2.  The Pessimist: Oh No, Oh No, Oh No……………….. 

3.  The Confused: Oh Yes, Oh No, Oh Yes, Oh No……….. 

4.  The Traveler: Ahhh, I’m coming, I’m coming………… 

5.  The Religious: Oh God, Oh God……………………. 

6.  The User: Ahh, More, More, More………………

"Men – Please Read These Rules Before Proceeding" – Advice From Women…

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