Todays Quickie… A Female Police Officer…

A female police officer arrests a man for drunk driving.

She tells the man, “You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say, can and will be held against you.”

The drunk says:


Women Thoughts – "In Every Group Of Friends….

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Todays "Warm & Fuzzy" Motivational Quote….."We Are Equally F……..

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Aussie Humour – Bruce comes home from the Pub & sees Sheila…..

Bruce comes home from the pub and sees Sheila watching Gordon Ramsay’s cooking show on the TV

Bruce says; “What are you watching that shit for? You can’t cook to save your life!.”

To which Sheila replies; “So what? You watch porn movies, don’t you?”

Todays Oneliner – At a Pub Trivia Contest, they asked what was….

At a pub trivia contest they asked what was the shortest race in the Olympics?

My response of “Chinese” left some displeased!

Todays Quickie…. A Philosophical Note…..(One-Liner).

Philosophical Note……

Life is like a penis – simple, relaxed and hanging free . . ..


. .. It’s women who make it hard !!



Todays Bad Taste Quiz…. What Is Courage?

What is COURAGE?

What is the meaning of courage?

Is it to fight a Bull in a bullfight without any weapon?

Is it to undertake an Outback trip in a Mini Moke?

Is it to fly a fighter plane in combat?

Is it to undergo open-heart surgery knowing that the surgeon has a drinking problem?

Is it to practice free fall parachuting?

Is it to perform a root-canal on yourself?

Is it bungee jumping, wild water rafting?

Bullshit… those are nothing!

THIS my friend is COURAGE!!!

Its also the Last picture I have of my dog “Lucky!” (Just Joking!)

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